Community Development through Sport

The Aspirations Foundation is vitally interested in using sport as a vehicle for developing communities and a vehicle for social inclusion.  With such a shortage of basic sports equipment, it’s very easy to help.  The Foundation aims to reduce barriers and increase participation, they are also concerned to use sport as a means to an end. Whereas a traditional sports development approach might be regarded as product led and sports centered, Aspirations sponsored  projects is ‘needs based’, using sport to address broader aspects of social inclusion and as a means to promote aspects of personal, social and community development. These projects aim to use sport to achieve social outcomes such as:

• Improving the fitness and health of specific social groups.
• Addressing issues of community safety and reducing levels of vandalism and crime.
• Contributing to improved school attendance/educational performance.
• Developing social and technical skills and increasing employability.
• Contributing to community development and regeneration. 

Current Aspirations Sports Projects

•Distribution of sports equipments such as Cricket bats, soft and hardballs, cricket gear, Badminton equipments, Volleyballs and Netballs for Okkampitiya Maha Vidyalaya.

•Netballs, volleyballs and cricket tournament kits for women cricket team of Kandegama KV, Ridimaliyadda.

•Volleyballs and netballs for Kobbebewala Keerthiratna Maha Vidyalaya

Get involved!

The project requires:
Sports Management, Sports Exercise Students and Public Health students to assist the development and spread of sports programs through the Ampara and Kegalle districts.  Working with Aspirations and partners students will design and fundraise for programs that meet the goals and criterion outlined above. You may be invited to participate to the multinational Project team travelling to Sri Lanka in January 2015.

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